Specialist Services

Our highly resourceful & efficient self-delivery model enables us to provide a wide range of specialist services to clients, based on an appreciation and understanding of client needs and requirements.

Over many years the company has responded to unique or complex civil engineering challenges, both within the contract scope of our capital projects or as standalone solutions to specific project requirements.  Our in-house resource, plant, and design capability, together with our commitment to providing a wide and diverse range of services for our clients. 


In addition to the above, we also provide the following specialist services to our clients:

  • Butt Fusion & Electrofusion Welding
  • Watermain Testing, Sterilisation, Commissioning and Handover documentation 
  • Traffic Management Design & Implementation
  • Underground Duct Proving and Cable Pulling
  • Trenchless Pipe Installation
  • Pumping Station Design & Build
  • Bridge & Culvert construction
  • Aggregate supply and C&D waste recovery

Bridges & Culverts

Butt Fusion & Electrofusion Welding

Traffic Management Design & Install

Underground Duct Proving & Cable Installation

Trenchless Pipe Installation

Pumping Station Design & Build