Louth Water Conservation Project (Dundalk and Drogheda Bundles)

The project involved the rehabilitation of 6km (approx.) of PE100 and DI watermains in various areas around Drogheda, County Louth, ranging in diameter from 150mm to 350mm.

The works included PE fusion jointing and weld testing, water pressure testing and sterilisation, and involved installation of watermain using Trenchless Technology.

The works were primarily carried out on public roads in an urban environment and David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd provided a highly effective Temporary Traffic Management Service involving design, implementation, monitoring & removal. Specific Traffic Management Plans were designed & prepared for individual streets and roads, as a key part of the project.

The contract involved working within restricted locations including narrow public thoroughfares and adjacent historical structures, and significant stakeholder communications and liaison was required to keep the general public informed of the project progress and phasings with regard to vehicular and pedestrian access arrangements.

The works included the replacement of private side connections, which involved considerable liaison with private residents to facilitate connection works inside the property.