Tullow, Leighlinbridge & Tinnahinch Flood Mitigation

The contract involved the installation of surface water sewers and new watermains, flood defence measures, and pumping station construction. Permanent reinstatement of various surfaces, including bituminous road surfacing, footpath, paved and grassed areas was undertaken on completion of the infrastructural works. Primary works included:

  • Installation of 1,490m of surface water sewer and watermains. Pipe diameters ranging from 150mm to 450mm
  • Construction of approx. 755m of flood defence embankments and approx. 610m of reinforced concrete flood defence walls.
  • Bank protection works to the River Slaney, which included the installation of 80m of sheet piling and approx. 260m (4,320m3) of rock armour protection.
  • Construction of 3 No. Pumping Stations including M&E installation and Telemetry/SCADA works.

Extensive earthworks were required in particular in public land to construct the new flood embankment and River Slaney bank protection works. Hard and Soft landscaping was undertaken in the Public Space adjacent to the River Slaney to reinstate and upgrade the public realm area following the construction of the flood defence works.

The works were primarily carried out on public roads in an urban environment and David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd provided a highly effective Temporary Traffic Management Service involving design, implementation, monitoring & removal.