Recently awarded – Midleton Wastewater Network Upgrade

David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd has been appointed as the main contractor on the Midleton Wastewater Network Upgrade – Advance Works Contract, on behalf of Uisce Éireann. This project will contribute to the upgrade of the collection networks in the Midleton area. The Contract includes for design, construction, testing and commissioning of various sewer rehabilitation works. The works are to be undertaken in the following phased manner:

Phase 1 – Stage 1

Sewer network rehabilitation preliminary works including flow, rainfall, and tidal surveys.

Phase 1 – Stage 2

Sewer network rehabilitation works including trenchless installation of full and part length liners.

Post Phase 1

Additional phases of work may be required throughout the Contract period. Additional works post Phase 1 will also go through a staged delivery process.

Sewer rehabilitation works will include asset renovation and cleaning, using jet vactor units and manual cleaning; asset surveys using CCTV; flow, tidal and rainfall surveys; identification of tidal infiltration; production of structural and service defect coding and condition grades; trenchless sewer rehabilitation and waste management.

As part of this Contract, David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd will complete the following work types.

  • Flow, rainfall, and tidal surveys.
  • CCTV surveying and associated cleaning of sewers ranging from DN 150 up to DN 900.
  • Manhole surveys.
  • Preliminary and Detailed Designs.
  • Some new sewers by open cut trenching including associated backfilling and reinstatement.
  • Surveys of existing storm water overflows (SWO), outfalls and non-return valves.
  • Trenchless sewer rehabilitation of sewers ranging from DN 150 up to DN 900.
  • Manhole renovation works.
  • Replacement of relevant Tideflex valves and flap valves.
  • Removal of obstructions and intrusions from sewers up to DN 900.
  • Testing and commissioning