Kerdiffstown Landfill Remediation

The scheme involves the upgrade of the existing L2005 Local Road in Kerdiffstown to facilitate future remediation activities at the Kerdiffstown Landfill and its legacy use as a public recreational amenity for the local and wider community. The project involves the improvement of an approximate 0.7km section of the L2005 including the following:

  • 7.0m wide carriageway;
  • 4.0m wide shared pedestrian and cyclist route;
  • Provision of a new roundabout junction and site entrance location;
  • New road drainage measures;
  • Accommodation works for affected landowners;
  • Provision for ESB and Fibre Broadband;
  • Installation of Watermain and Foul Rising Main;
  • Provision of multi-purpose service ducting;
  • Landscaping and Public Lighting.