Hanover Weir Fish Pass Construction

The project involved the construction a rock ramp type fish pass immediately in front the existing weir on the Burren River adjacent to Paupish Lane in Carlow Town. This weir was selected for remedial works due to an ongoing issue with the existing fish pass facility further to inspections which confirmed that the fish pass at the weir was not effective in providing the free movement of all fish over all periods of the year as stated in Section 116 of the 1959 Fisheries (Consolidation) Act or the requirements of the European Habitats Act.

The footprint of the ramp was 13m wide x 50m long. The weir crest was also lowered by 600mm. The main elements of the works included:

  • Site set up including signage, compound, offices and welfare facilities
  • Erection of control measures to ensure safety of on-site staff in the vicinity of all service pipelines and cables
  • Implementation of traffic management and control measures
  • Pollution Control including the erection of adequate damming measures to ensure all works are carried out under dry conditions
  • Removal of existing Fish Ladder
  • Construction of Rock Ramp fish pass and ancillary bank protection
  • Working over and in water