Barrow Water Supply Scheme Project

David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd. was awarded this contract under the National Civils Framework (17/204) on behalf of Irish Water.

This project involved the design, construction, testing and commissioning of the new potable water infrastructure.  The project included all Civil, Building and MEICA works associated with design, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of new pumping stations, chlorine dosing system, pressure reducing valves, flow measurement, telemetry, ESB power, MCC control, SCADA, etc.  David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd. was also required to operate the new plant for a minimum 3 month period.

The works were undertaken at 5 No. sites in County Kildare as follows:

  • Old Kilcullen Reservoir – Works involved cross connection works at the existing live site including a cross connection between the 700mm (reservoir inlet) and the existing 21” (525mm) outlet.
  • Brannockstown Booster Station – Construction of new Booster Station Building and MEICA fit-out to pump 803m3 of water to Ballymore Eustace and surrounding areas. Works also required connections to the ext. 700mm and 450m cast iron watermains at the site.
  • Carnalway Booster Station – Construction of a booster pump station in a green field site along with the laying of approx. 350m of 125mm dia. rising watermain.
  • Ballymore Eustace WTP – Network modification works to deliver treated water from the new Brannockstown PS. Works involved the connection to the existing 800mm DI watermain and laying a new 400mm PE cross-connection watermain into the existing treated water channel.
  • Kilashee to Naas – Laying of approx. 3km of 450mm diameter pipeline