Wexford Town 20KV Upgrade

Under the National Trenching and ducting Frameworks with ESB, David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd. was awarded a contract to install approximately 2.5km of 125mm ESB ducting in various locations in Wexford town.  The works were carried out to facilitate an increase of power capacity from 10 to 20 KVA for the town of Wexford.

Initially site investigations were carried out to enable a design to be completed for the duct route.  Works were carried out through the Main Shopping District, Town Parks, Wexford Racecourse and a requirement to pass under the Railway line at Wexford Bridge.

Ducting was installed by a combination of open trench and trenchless techniques.  Following the installation of the ducting, the ducts were proved, tested and cables subsequently pulled by David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd.  The jointing work was carried out by the ESB at termination points with attendance and traffic management provided by David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd.