hsqe policies

The David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd. ethos is that HSQE management is a company-wide remit based on individual and collective responsibility throughout the company. As a company we have planned and established measurable objectives and targets based on an integrated HSQE Management System to support the ongoing development of the company and to meet the expectation of our clients.

All of our business operations are underpinned by the following accreditations:

Health & Safety Management System Certificate
Environmental Management System Certificate
Quality System Certificate

Our objectives are regularly reviewed and measured for efficacy by the company’s Senior Management, and we undertake a thorough annual review of our policies, procedures and consider the need for any amendments in the light of changing circumstances, including:

  • Risk Determination & Review
  • Legislative Requrements
  • Management Review
  • Monitoring & Measurement
  • Resource Management
  • Continuous Improvement

David Walsh Civil Engineering Ltd. manage and deliver our HSQE responsibilities through the following means:

  • A effective HSQE management system providing a clear sense of direction.
  • A proactive and practical HSQE management processes.
  • A risk assessment process that identifies all our business risk areas and highlights our control measures to adequately manage operational risks.
  • Continuous, clear and practical communication to our workforce.
  • Responding to, and actioning, practical feedback from our workforce.
  • Appropriate emergency preparedness and response plans covering our operations.
  • A robust inspection and audit program.
  • Project HSQE Plans that transfer our HSQE Management system into reality
  • HSQE Management review mechanisms at all levels within our business.